Family fun on the Broads


Last month, Jamie and I and my family travelled to the beautiful Broads in Norfolk for a long weekend.

We spent the weekend taking long walks, eating fish and chips and playing on the beach – some good old fashioned family fun!

I love my family and wish I got to spend every day with them (although they only live two minutes away from us!) so it was great to get to spend some quality time together.

photo (16)


My brothers make me laugh more than anyone else. They are just hilarious and all have their own personalities.

One evening we met up with my aunt and uncle, who have a holiday home in the area, and headed to their local pub, a picture perfect little place called The Fisherman’s Inn. The view of the Broads was stunning and we spent the night sitting outside in the evening sun chatting and catching up with each other.

photo (17)

My youngest brother Brett was getting a bit restless with all the chit-chat so we left the adults behind to go on a little adventure. We walked and walked and ended up at Burgh Castle – an old Roman fort which is really just a wall now!





The boys had fun climbing the walls, running around, making videos and generally doing what boys do while I did what I do: took photos!




You can’t beat spending time with your family – it makes me happy to see them happy. I wish every weekend was like this.

What are you favourite things to do with your family?


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