Favourite beauty product of the month



Hi everyone, I’m so sorry I’ve not been posting very much this month. June is the busiest month for me at work so everything’s gone a bit mad!

This month I found one of best beauty products I’ve ever used – ever!

I am one of those weirdos who has to wash their hands and face constantly and I don’t like to touch my face if I don’t have too. The thought of spreading bacteria over my face just freaks me out.  For this reason, I always make sure I have clean make-up brushes.

I’ve used a mixture of things in the past to clean my brushes like: shampoo, cleansers and various make up brush cleansers.

It’s always such a chore and takes so long and makes such a mess but I’ve finally found the best product for a quick, efficient way to clean all my brushes!

The Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser!

The solid cleanser is made by Beauty Blender and I guess was created as an easy tool to clean your Beauty Blender sponge but it can also be used to clean your brushes. This cleanser is SO easy to use. You wet your brush (or Beauty Blender) swirl it in the solid block and then run it under the water until the water goes clear. Simple!

It leaves no mess and I have never seen my make-up brushes so clean, they look brand new!

The package is also so convenient to take with you on holiday as it has a lid that screws on and is really compact and the scent is really fresh and flowery.

Another big bonus is that this is cheap at around £12 and seems to last a long time.

I bought this on a whim while browsing on Amazon and wasn’t expecting much from it. I couldn’t believe how good this product was! I will definitely be using this from now on to clean my brushes.


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