Bank holiday fun in Milano


Last weekend, my friend Joanna and I travelled to Milan and Lake Como for a little bank holiday getaway!

It was almost the holiday that never happened as we managed to go to the wrong gate for our flight at Heathrow airport. A flight was leaving to Milan (albeit a different airport in Milan!) at the same time as our flight and we were too busy chatting so didn’t check properly and headed to board what we thought was our flight. When trying to board the flight we were told that we were not only trying to get on the wrong flight but were also in a completely different building to where our flight was leaving from!

This resulted in us sprinting a good 20 minutes underneath Terminal 5 Love Actually style to try and catch our flight before it closed. We were 2 minutes late but luckily for us our flight was  a little delayed and we were allowed on board. Lesson learned – I’ll always make sure to double check everything when boarding a flight in future (I hate running!).


We arrived in sunny Milan and checked into our hotel, which was beautiful. If you are thinking about travelling to Milan, I would recommend the NH President in the centre of the city. It is close to everything including the Duomo cathedral and the Fashion district and is a really stylish, contemporary hotel.



We spent the day strolling the city in the sunshine, taking in the sights including the Duomo cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and stopped at the Aperol terrace bar and restaurant for cocktails and a delicious lunch while indulging in one of our favourite pastimes: people watching. We can’t be the only two who are just fascinated by other people, can we?!  We can discuss it for hours! Where have they travelled from? … Are they local? …. Are they married? … I’ll stop now as I know we are beginning to sound a little stalkerish!




We’d woken up at 2am that morning to catch our flight from London so were both feeling tired by late afternoon. We headed back to our hotel for a well-deserved nap and to get ready for our evening out.

For dinner and drinks  that night we chose the Bulgari hotel and I’m so glad we did. It sits on its own private road and is so dark and glamorous and had a real ‘Milan’ feel to it. The restaurant and bar are filled with gorgeous men and women (with great hair – we are convinced it’s something in the water in Italy!) and the waiters were so attentive and friendly. For dinner, I had the cheese fondue ravioli with truffles and it was so delicious – I never wanted it to end!


After far too many glasses of Prosecco, we retired back to our hotel to get a good night’s sleep as we were up early the next morning to catch a train to Lake Como. Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post on that!



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