Au Revoir Paris

paris day 3

It was our last day in Paris and we decided to spend our last morning in Notre Dame. It’s the prettiest little area.

PARIS 2014 505

We ventured into the Cathedral and it was breath taking. Everywhere you look there is more gothic detail and huge stained glass windows.

PARIS 2014 512

PARIS 2014 558

We visited the Treasury inside the Cathedral for a small fee and it’s a must see. It holds all different kinds of precious gifts and artefacts mostly made with gilt bronze, silver, gold, diamonds and precious stones.

PARIS 2014 551

After visiting the Cathedral, we ate lunch and found, by complete chance, the Shakespeare and Company book shop.

PARIS 2014 578

I’m an avid reader and love a good bookshop. I’m always on the look out for my next favourite book store and this is it. I spotted the store out of the corner of my eye and knew it was the most famous bookshop in Paris (and possibly the world) so obviously we stepped inside.


shakespeare 1

It is a haven for book lovers. There is a great selection of rare and popular books and even a separate area for children’s books. There is inspiration everywhere you look. We spent a good hour strolling through the eccentric corridors of the store but I could have stayed all day. It is the perfect book store.  Also, when you buy a book from the store they can stamp it with a Shakespeare and Co stamp which I think is a great idea! I will definetely be returning to Paris just to visit here again – it’s THAT good!

We finished our time in Paris with a long stroll along Rue Saint-Honoré marvelling at the beautiful shop store fronts and finally made a trip to Laduree for my favourite treat: macaroons.

PARIS 2014 584

PARIS 2014 588

Paris has no bad angles; everywhere you look is postcard perfect.
I’m already planning my next trip and can’t wait to get back.

Where are your favourite places to go when in Paris?


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